About Q'uma

Q’uma is a tree-to-bar chocolate maker.

Our goal is to make the world’s most delicious fine chocolate with Peruvian cacao. To achieve this, our experts are constantly seeking for the finest and undiscovered cacao in Peru and carefully select organic and fairtrade ingredients to craft exceptional chocolate in small batches to stand out all of the flavors of the cacao beans. We only source from Criollo varietal cacao beans which grow in certain areas of the Peruvian rainforest. With every bite of our chocolates you will experience the complex and uniquely Peruvian cacao flavors and aromas of this rare indulgence.


We are located in Peru, which makes us one of the few chocolate makers who produce their chocolates entirely in the country of origin of the cacao. We know that the best chocolate is born in the field, and being a few miles away from the crops, allows us to participate in the process of making good cacao and work directly with the Peruvian cacao farmers and their families. They are part of our community and we invite you to know more about them.


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