How To Taste Chocolate

Tasting chocolate is just as tasting wine, each chocolate bar contains its own set of unique flavor profiles. As with wine, in which grapes are the essence of flavors, in chocolate cacao beans develop the taste. 

Take a moment to learn how to taste chocolate. You will go through an unforgettable journey of flavors and textures you have never experienced before.

Before you start, find a quite place and free from strong smells. If you are tasting more than one chocolate, you should have a glass of water as a palate cleanser between tastings.

Use your five senses to be transported to the other side of the world, where the cacao was born.


1. See: it should be shiny and glossy
2. Hear: it should break with a nice clear “snap” sound
3. Smell: breathe in the aromas of cacao
4. Touch: feel the smooth texture
5. Taste: close your eyes and just let the chocolate melt slowly on the tounge and savor slowly while flavors evolve and awake your senses for a few minutes of pure pleasure




Q'uma Chocolate