Organically Grown

Q’uma comes from the word Q’umara, which means “healthy” in the native language of the people from the Peruvian rainforest. So, Q’uma describes perfectly our commitment to only use the finest, wholesome, organic and delicious ingredients for all of our chocolates.

We believe that the best flavors come from maintaining the original taste of the beans, by minimal processing, we keep the fruity aromas of the Criollo varietal cacao beans in our chocolates. All of our bars have only four main organic and  natural ingredients, we do not use any type of artificial flavors or emulsifiers. We care about your health so we have a policy for NON-GMO, soy free and gluten free ingredients.


Our organic certifications prove the high quality of our products.



Our Environment

We are committed to our environment.

The Peruvian rainforest is home of many species of animals and plants that are not found anywhere else and we need to protect them by promoting the use of sustainable and organic agriculture.

Chocolate Orgánico Q'uma