Our Cacao Partners

We have developed a close relationship with the farmers. Behind every Q’uma chocolate bar you will find a family of Peruvian cacao farmers who have delicately selected the finest organic cacao beans to make the best chocolate.

Our cacao partners faced a different reality 20 years ago. There was a drug mafia around this area and the farmers cultivated illegal coca plants to survive in this environment. These were rough times for the farmers. They lived in a dangerous and violent environment. Fortunately, with the support of USAID (United States Agency for International Development), they have replaced illegal coca crops for cacao trees. This change gave them hope and the opportunity to improve their families’ quality of life.



Nowadays, the farmers are proud of producing the finest cacao in the world, which we source directly from them to make our chocolates. We pay them a premium above fair traide prices for the exceptional cacao they produce and we support them with coaching programs to improve their harvesting techniques and management skills.


Join us and support the peruvian cacao farmers and their families.



Chocolate Orgánico Q'uma